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Let Logic Pro Do Your Programming Chores

Quite often, a particular sound will become the inspiration for a brand-new song. But most musicians would rather concentrate on playing their instruments, not programming (hoping to stumble onto a sound that inspires a new composition). If you’re a Logic Pro user, you have a really super option you can turn to that will keep creating new sounds until you hear something that inspires you. Check out the ES2’s Randomizer, which is found directly below the filter section. Here you can pick a synthesizer section from the drop-down menu, then use the slider to the left to select a percentage change of randomization. A high percentage will cause all the parameters within that section to shift quite a bit, so that the overall sound changes dramatically, not subtly. You can choose to randomize all of the parameters, so that with a high percentage setting, you’ll get completely unpredictable sounds, most of which will likely be totally unuseable. But once in a while everything will come together to create something you couldn’t have programmed in your wildest dreams. You can lose a whole weekend playing with this function alone!

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