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Using legacy Digidesign interfaces with HD systems.

“I’m considering upgrading to Digidesign’s HD system (96 I/O). I’d like to still use my 888 for more inputs, and I’ve heard that I can, does it connect to the Accessory Port on the back of the 96 I/O?”

A: You can use older devices with the new 96 I/O and 192 I/O, however, you do not want to plug them into the Accessory Port. Why? Well, that port is currently not in use. You can, however, connect two 8-channel interfaces (such as the 888|24 or 882|20) or a single 16-channel interface (1622 I/O, 24-bit ADAT Bridge I/O, or the original ADAT Bridge I/O) for expanded input and output options, using their original cables, to the Legacy Expansion port that’s also found on the back of the 96 I/O and 192 I/O.

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