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Korg Triton Storage and CompactFlash Cards

This TTOTD, while specifically addressing an issue with a Korg Triton, can be applied to any device that uses CompactFlash cards for storage.

Q: “I put a new CompactFlash card in my Triton Extreme to save some files, but the Korg won’t recognize it. It acts like there’s no card in the slot. What should I do?”

A: A rule with the Triton Extreme and many other devices that employ CompactFlash (CF) cards is this: you should always insert your CF card before you power on the Triton. Otherwise it will not recognize the card. In your case, if you still need to save those files, your best bet is to use the USB bus to transfer them to a computer. Then you can power down your Triton and insert the card so it will be ready the next time.

A couple of other points about CF cards and especially Microdrives: during use, they will heat up. This is a normal part of their operation. However, before removing the media, power off your Triton Extreme and allow the card or Microdrive to cool down. CF cards and Microdrive media are precision devices. Do not bend them, subject them to excessive force or shock, or drop them. Microdrives in particular are prone to damage from vibration; handle them with care. As with all media, do not use or store these in locations of extremely high or low temperature, in direct sunlight, in a closed automobile, near heating equipment, or in locations of excessive humidity or dust. And avoid using or storing these types of media in locations where there may be strong static electricity or electrical noise.

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