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Korg KP3 Review

All in all, I would sum up the KP3 in two words: fun and easy!

Being somewhat new to the DJ world, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the Korg KAOSS Pad (KP3) was to learn to use. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, I had my iPod plugged in to it, and was experimenting with some amazing sounding effects. The center of this unit is the lighted touch pad which controls the parameters of the 128+ effects and programs. As you move your finger around, the lights track the motion on the pad. This feature is part of what makes the KP3 an excellent choice for use in dimly lit clubs or as an excellent performance tool on the stage.

Since the KP3 has MIDI I/O, you can use the X/Y axis on the pad as well as the single fader to send MIDI control to your outboard effects unit, computer, synth, workstation, or many other MIDI devices. This is a great way not only to control the built-in synth, effects, vocoder, drum machine, and other programs, but also a number of things “outside the box” as well. The included software allows you to connect the KP3 to your computer via USB in order to save effects settings, samples, and performances (tracked motion on the touchpad). These things can also be saved on a SD card through a slot on the KP3.

Among the vast array of effects are a drum machine and synthesizer, which can function independently of a line input or mic signal, and be used to create some powerful sounds that you may not expect from this comparatively small device. All in all, I would sum up the KP3 in two words: fun and easy!

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