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Korg ElectribeA mkII

Korg Electribe•A mkII

Introducing the new Electribe•A mkII. Now the definitive table-top analog synth that delivers uniquely creative sounds is loaded with new synthesis possibilities, fresh sounds and patterns. Use the Electribe•A mkII’s panel knobs and keys to intuitively create new synthesizer sounds. In addition to the Electribe•A mkII’s world renowned analog synth sounds, Korg’s Electribe•A mkII also contains numerous new patterns perfect for today’s dance music styles.Update: Moog Music Voyager Synthesizer

Moog Music has made available Operating System 2.0 which adds new features. At its heart the Voyager is a 100% pure analog synth; the newest operating system fully unleashes its modern capabilities – including transmitting High Resolution MIDI Continuous Control messages from the Voyager’s front panel, a new internal modulation matrix called “Pot Mapping”, and the ability to create a polyphonic Minimoog using multiple Voyagers. Operating System 2.0 is a free download, but you must already have OS 1.5 installed to upgrade to OS 2.0.

New Features:

  • Transmit MIDI Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, and CC messages from Left Hand Controller, Keyboard, Touch Surface and Front Panel Controls.

  • Now you can chain together of up to 16 Voyagers for a monster polyphonic synth.

  • Adjust the velocity curves to your playing.

  • Compare your sound to a Preset sound

  • Adjust the Pitch Bend range

  • Programmable Shaping Sources route control signals from the keyboard, left-hand wheels, and front panel pots to affect Modulation

  • Trigger filter envelope and volume envelope from Gate Sources other than the keyboard

  • Use the Touch Surface to instantly trigger front panel switches on/off

  • Map Pot Sources and Destinations in a 4×4 matrix

  • New ‘Panel Mode’ function allows you to Compare Sounds

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