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Korg Electribe-R mkII

Korg Electribe-R mkII

With a more powerful groove than ever before, the advanced Korg Electribe-R mkII rhythm machine arms you with an analog beat that’s all your own. The Korg Electribe-R mkII is packed with fat, innovative sounds, a classic interface for creating beats and tweaking them in realtime, and the ultimate array of up-to-date dance styles. Learn more about it today!Enhanced mLAN support for Mac OS X 10.3.3

With the launch of Yamaha’s mLAN tools for Mac OS X v10.3.3, mLAN has been updated to provide enhanced support for Core Audio and Core MIDI. In addition, the simultaneous release of mLAN firmware updates for current products from Kurzweil, Presonus, and Apogee guarantees mLAN compatibility for currently-available mLAN products with Mac OS X v10.3.3.

Users will need to update to Mac OS X, version 10.3.3. This update is available for download at no charge through Software Update, accessible via System Preferences in your Mac OS X(assuming you have Panther).

Once the Apple update is installed, you can then visit the drivers page on www.mLANcentral.com to download the mLAN tools for Mac OS X from Yamaha and, if necessary, download firmware updates for current mLAN products like the Presonus Firestation, Apogee AD8000, and Kurzweil KSP8.

mLAN is available for Windows XP, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X and provides connection and control of musical networks over IEEE 1394 FireWire. This allows products from a growing number of musical instrument and pro audio companies to connect together in local area networks for music production. The continuing expansion of support for mLAN by hardware manufacturers, software developers, chip design companies and OS platform vendors underscores that the music industry recognizes the need for an open networking protocol for FireWire as opposed to single-ended, peer-to-peer solutions. Check it out!

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