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Korg Electribe-A mkII Review

I use the mkII in my studio and it is continually impressing me...

The Korg Electribe-A mkII I is a perfect addition to any “synth head’s” gear arsenal. It puts 256 analog presets right at your fingertips, and every preset can be altered then saved for later use. The new cross modulation function allows you to create an extremely broad range of sounds, everything from fat & nasty basses, to ear cutting leads and sound effects.

I use the mkII in my studio and it is continually impressing me, as well as, improving my musical creativity. The MIDI I/O feature allows me to flawlessly sync to my audio sequencing program. I use this feature to seamlessly mix one of the mkII’s preset synth patterns with one of my own. I have also found that the mkII is a reliable tool when I need to “modernize” my acoustical arrangements.

The Korg Electribe-A mkII covers every type of electronic music – from trance to techno, house, two-step, electro, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, rap, and many others. Even if your style is not electronically based the Korg mkII is a smart and valuable addition to your setup.

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