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Using keyboard shortcut presets from other DAWs in SONAR 4

Many of our computer recording clients tell us they often work on projects across software and hardware DAW platforms, frequently moving from one audio/MIDI recording program to another and even moving from Windows computers to Mac systems. For those who rely on keyboard shortcuts to speed their workflow this can result in a confusing array of shortcut keys from different applications, which is a lot to remember! SONAR 4 Producer and Studio Editions have introduced a new feature which should simplify your life if you’ve encountered this situation. It allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts that match other audio programs – even Mac programs – so you can use the same key sets you have already committed to memory.

SONAR 4 currently ships with presets for Cubase SX, Digital Performer, Logic, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Samplitude and Vegas. In addition, you can download a ZIP file with presets for Sound Forge and ACID at http://www.cakewalk.com/tips/oct04_sonar4keybinding.asp. You’ll want to save the file to: Program FilesCakewalkSONAR 4 Producer Edition or Program FilesCakewalkSONAR 4 Studio Edition.

SONAR calls keyboard shortcuts “Key Bindings.” Here’s how to set up SONAR 4 to use the same Key Bindings as your other programs.

Step 1: Go to the Options menu, select “Key Binding” to open the Key Bindings options page. Here you’ll find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts with their default assignments, which you can manually change to customize your computer or MIDI keyboard as you wish. But at the bottom right corner of the box is a button called “Import.”

Step 2: Click on “Import.”

Step 3: Here you’ll find a list of program presets to choose from. Select the preset of the program that you want SONAR to emulate, click “Open”, and then click “OK.”

Now SONAR will use the same keyboard shortcuts as the program you’ve selected. And you’ll be on your way to faster, more productive sequencing and recording!

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