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Keeping rooms isolated that have wire runs between them

“I have just read through your Acoustics Summit (very helpful!). I am on the verge of renovating a basement area for recording. The open basement space will be turned into a control room and two studio rooms. While I have a fair idea of the type of construction I need for properly isolated walls, doors and windows, one thing that I am less sure on is the best way to pass wiring through a wall (staggered stud wall with insulation) in such a way as to not compromise the wall’s isolating properties.”

The two main things you can do is to make sure the entry points for the wire are not opposite each other on the two walls, and seal off the area around the wire. You just want to make sure that air can’t transfer between the entry points. Making the entry points different is a matter of bringing the wire into the wall from one room, and then running it laterally through at least one of the wall studs before having it exit in the next room. The wall stud and wall insulation will help a lot in preventing acoustic transfer. You can seal the wires at either end with a variety of caulks or silicone based sealants.

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