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K2000 – Just For Fun!

Rather than a heavy discourse on the technical intricacies of quantum theory as it pertains to aftertouch, how about something just for fun?

Did you know that your Kurzweil K2000 or K2500 is more than just the best synth/sampler/workstation on the market? Yes, the rumors are true! Your Kurzweil is also a video game! Follow these steps, and you’ll find yourself playing a re-creation of the classic Pong game: Press the MASTER button, then select UTILITY. Next, press the soft button under the empty space, and finally, the SETUP button.

You will be rewarded with a screen saying "Welcome to K2000 game!" Use your Kurzweil’s data wheel to move the "paddle" to meet the bouncing ball. When you’ve finished racking up the world’s all-time high score, just press EXIT several times to return to the "normal" Kurzweil screens.

If you’re like us, and can’t stand to have something on your Kurzweil without tinkering with it, check this out: K-Pong actually outputs notes over MIDI as the ball is played (the note sent depends on the ball’s position). Set up your K2’s MIDI Channel 16 as the Drum Channel (on the Master Page) and choose a suitable drum (or other) program as the sound played by the game. As a side benefit of this, you can now say that you aren’t simply playing a silly game, you’re engaging in Roto-Tactile Feedback Algorithmic Composition research (more commonly known as RTFAC…)

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