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Jupiter Legacy Collection, Volume I

The Roland Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 are among the most powerful keyboard synths on the market — in a word, these instruments are awesome! And now you can make the Jupiters even more awesome (hmmm, awesomer?) with the free Jupiter Legacy Collection, Volume I sound library. Featuring all new Tones, Live Sets, and Arpeggio patterns, the Legacy Collection uses the Jupiters’ powerful SuperNATURAL sound engine to recreate the true essence of historical synths from Roland’s storied past — we’re talking a dream collection of legendary vintage sounds from synths including:

  • Jupiter-8 (1981)
  • TB-303 (1982)
  • SH-101 (1982)
  • Juno-60 (1982)
  • Jupiter-6 (1983)
  • Juno-106 (1984)
  • D-50 (1987)

The 122 all-new Tones in the Legacy Collection, Volume 1 represent the iconic factory presets from each of these synths, plus there are 512 new Live Sets that combine the vintage sounds together in fresh, contemporary ways using layers and multi-effects and many new Arpeggio patterns.

With the Legacy Collection, Volume 1, your Jupiter-80 or Jupiter-50 covers the entire history of Roland’s synthesis past. For vintage synth lovers, equally exciting is that “Volume 1” you may notice in the Legacy Collection’s appellation…that’s right, there will be future volumes in the Legacy Collection spotlighting sounds from other classic analog synths using the three vintage filter types found in the Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50.

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