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iTunes Store Hits the Two Billion Mark

It’s no secret that music lovers want their music now and that they are willing to sacrifice audio quality for the ability to pick and choose songs individually, rather than have to buy an entire album just to get the one song they really want. To underscore this, sales of individual songs on Apple’s iTunes Store has officially hit the two billion mark, with roughly half that number coming in the last year alone. Despite all the other companies desperately hoping to sell their own MP3 players or offering music on their own online stores, Apple is firmly in the driver’s seat with more than 62% of the marketplace committed to the company’s iPod and the iTunes Store. What’s more, according to Apple, there have already been an additional 50 million TV episodes and over 1.3 million feature films purchased. Perhaps just as amazing is the fact that Apple is not just reaching owners of Mac desktop and laptop computers, but a significant number of PC owners, as well. And that number is sure to continue growing thanks to Apple’s legendary ease of use, comprehensive podcast support, seamless integration with all iPod models, and groundbreaking personal use rights. Apple’s iTunes 7 software for Mac and Windows includes fast and easy access to the the iTunes Store and is available as a free download.

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