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ITD in your studio.

Q: “Should I be worried about ITD in my studio?”

A: In listening situations, controlling Initial Time Delay (ITD) is important for some engineers, and not for others. It depends on the importance you place on your listening environment. Are you mastering? Are you performing your own final mixes? If so, then controlling ITDs in your studio might be something to take into consideration. Sound diffusion in a control room imparts the all-important Initial Time Delay that keeps early reflections off room boundaries from getting to your ears too soon and smearing the direct sound you hear from your monitors. Of course, diffusion alone will not safely control ITD, but it is a large part of the solution. A proper mix of both diffusion and absorption are key.

In a conventional room, such as a bedroom or similar space, ITD can be a significant problem. A technique home studio owners have used to remedy ITD from major surfaces can be found in our Tech Tip from 1/6/1998.

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