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iOS Update: Remote Control

Looking for the ultimate remote control? Look no further than your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch! With your trusty iOS companion by your side, you can take charge of your digital mixer, your DAW, and software synths, and even edit patches inside your hardware synths.

For live sound use, digital mixer remote control apps allow sound engineers to roam about the venue, checking the sound out and making adjustments — no need to run back to the console to move a control when you can do it from wherever you’re standing, right on your iPad. But it goes beyond that. Digital mixers, including the Mackie DL1608 and the PreSonus StudioLive series, allow each musician in the band to control an individual monitor mix right from his or her iPad. It’s the ultimate “more me” system!

When it comes to taking charge of your DAW, soft synths, or other software running on your computer, your iOS device really steps it up. This is a tremendous boon to musicians who work alone or who record themselves. Just take your iPad or iPhone with you into the booth, and you can run your DAW by remote control — arm tracks and control the transport, and in some cases, even adjust faders and other mix controls. Some DAW remote control apps are designed to work specifically with a single program. Others emulate a hardware control surface (the Mackie Control is a popular one) in app form. Either way, you can take wireless remote control over your software and operate it from anywhere in your studio. In general, setup is easy: just establish a wireless network with your computer and tell your software that you have a remote.
Some manufacturers — with Roland and Yamaha leading the charge — are offering patch editor apps that run on iOS devices for their hardware synths. Many of these work wirelessly, so there are no extra cables to connect. (You may need a Wi-Fi adapter for your synth.)
All of this means that you’re no longer tethered to your computer, digital mixer, or hardware synth — with iOS device in hand, you can take control while you’re on the move!


Application-specific Apps
DAW Booth Remote — Avid Pro Tools
LiveRemote — Ableton Live
LiveRemote Pocket — Ableton Live
Kapture Pad — Ableton Live
touchAble — Ableton Live
Griid Pro — Ableton Live
Griid — Ableton Live
LivKontrol — Ableton Live
DP Control — Digital Performer
xMix — Apple Logic
NumPad — Finale and Sibelius

Remote for Garageband
Delora gbTouch 2 — Garageband remote
Delora lpTouch — Logic
Delora rsTouch — Reason
Steinberg Cubase iC — Cubase
Spectrasonics Omni TR — Omnisphere

Multi-application Apps
DAW Remote HD
Neyrinck V-Control Free
Neyrinck V-Control Pro
ProRemote Light
AC-7 Core
AC-7 Core XT
AC-7 Core Mini
Automap for iPhone/iPod touch


Roland Integra-7 Editor — Integra-7
Roland JP Synth Editor — Jupiter-80, Jupiter-50
Roland RD-NX — RD-700NX, RD-300NX
Yamaha Voice Editor Essential — MOTIF XF
Yamaha Performance Editor Essential — MOTIF XF


Mackie Master Fader — DL1608
PreSonus SL Remote — StudioLive Series
PreSonus Qmix — StudioLive Series
PreSonus AB1818VSL — AudioBox 1818VSL
Behringer XiControl — X32
Yamaha M7CL StageMix — M7CL
01v96 Remote — Yamaha 01v96
01v96 Remote LE — Yamaha 01v96
Mixtender — Midas Pro2, Pro2C, Pro3, Pro6, Pro9
Soundcraft ViSi Remote — Si Compact, Vi Series
Allen & Heath iLive MixPad — iLive

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