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iOS, Meet Stompbox

Hey, guitarists! You’ll be excited to know that your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad has officially arrived as a real music-making tool. DigiTech’s incredible new iStomp pedal actually lets you load stompbox models from your iOS device straight into the pedal itself. So you can take astounding effects onstage and use them right alongside your other conventional pedals.

Want to change up effects flavors? DigiTech makes it easy. Just put their Stomp Shop app on your device, choose the effect you want, and download it. Then plug your iOS device into the iStomp and load your new effect. Your iStomp takes on the properties of that pedal instantly! You can choose among distortion boxes, choruses, delays, phasers, and more. The Stomp Shop constantly adds new pedals, so you can keep your hunger for new pedals satiated without breaking the bank. This setup also comes in handy if one of your regular pedals bites the dust at an inopportune time. Just load the effect into the iStomp, and you’re good to go, in minutes.

The iStomp comes loaded with DigiTech’s Redline Tube overdrive, and the Stomp Shop app offers the Total Recall digital delay for free. So grab your iOS device and your iStomp, and you’re off and running! Call us or go to Sweetwater.com to find out more about this very cool pedal!

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