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Interchanging sounds between TritonLE and Triton (Classic or Studio)

“How can I interchange sounds between my TritonLe and Triton (Classic or Studio)?”

This has proven to be a surprisingly popular question lately. Looks like lots of your are multiple Triton users. The TritonLe has a Smart Media port, while the Triton Classic and Studio both sport a floppy drive. So, the best way to do this is to get a Smart Media card reader and floppy drive on your computer for transfer. Now you can transfer sounds from the Smart Media (Le) to a floppy (Classic or Studio), or from floppy (Classic or Studio) to Smart Media (Le). Please note that while the transfer of sounds from the Classic or Studio to the Le will work, insert FX 2-5 will magically disappear because it does not exist on the Le.

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