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inSync’s Summer NAMM ’03 Report!

We’re proud to bring to inSync our Summer NAMM ’03 report! This week you’ll get to read about all the latest and greatest gear developments from this summer’s most exciting show! Some of what you’ll see in inSync this week might be available now, next week or six months from now so be sure to call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at 1-800-222-4700 for more information regarding anything that peaks your interest. Enjoy!

BOSS AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Processor

Acoustic guitarists rejoice! The BOSS AD-8 is a powerful acoustic processor in a special floor unit format that uses advanced COSM Acoustic Guitar Modeling to transform the typically thin, brittle sound of standard piezo acoustic pickups into the rich, warm, studio-miked sound of six of the greatest acoustic guitars in the world! The COSM guitar model is selected by the Body Type control, while the Body and String Enhance features simulate the modeled mics in a typical two-mic studio setup. The fully programmable AD-8 has a built-in TU-2-based automatic chromatic tuner with mute or bypass select, a four-band EQ with sweepable mids, footswitchable memory locations for storing and recalling favorite sounds, a built-in footswitchable automatic feedback eliminator, and three reverb types.

BOSS BCB-60 Pedalboard Carrying Case

Take your BOSS pedals anywhere in style! The BCB-60 is a molded pedalboard carrying case that can be easily set up to fit any combination of pedals (even those by other manufacturers). It includes special urethane inserts that are pre cut to fit BOSS compact or Twin pedals, but can be easily cut to fit virtually any pedal – even wahs and volume pedals. Keeping things simple for guitarists everywhere, the BCB-60 has a built-in power supply, input and output jacks for audio and space for tuners and extra cables. Finally, the BCB-60 includes audio and power supply cables. While you wouldn’t usually find a case in one of our reports, the BCB-60 had enough going for it that we simply had to include it!

BOSS GS-10 Desktop Guitar Processor

BOSS rolled out their first desktop guitar processing system ever and all indications are that it is the most powerful guitar processor BOSS has ever produced! In addition to advanced COSM processing and modeled effects, the GS-10 has many features designed for direct use with computers and computer-based recording, such as: USB port, bundled editing and recording software, audio-to-USB conversion, and much more. Its sound engine is based on the flagship GT-6; there are COSM modeled amps for guitar and bass, new independent compression plus four additional COSM modeled compressors, and several new amp models for a total of 48. Each amp can be configured to have three switchable channels, for even more range of sound. There is a COSM mic preamp, for processing vocals or other mic input sounds. The GS-10 has built-in speakers, useful for late night practice and for overcoming the inherent latency of computer-based audio systems. There are also coaxial digital outputs, controls for MIDI control, an XLR input for use with mics, inputs for expression and control pedals, four Direct Patch buttons for direct access to favorite sounds, a chromatic automatic tuner, and knobs for simple operation of most basic operations. In other words, they’ve packed a LOT of goodies in one box!

BOSS OC-3 Super Octave Guitar Pedal

While the OC-3 is a direct replacement for the legendary OC-2 Octave, it’s more than simply “this year’s version of last year’s model!” There are several new features including, separate guitar and bass inputs, a direct output, and two new modes: Drive which has built-in overdrive, and Poly which enables the OC-3 to process more than one note at a time – making it the world’s first compact polyphonic octave pedal! In Drive and Poly modes, the OC-3 produces one octave below the original note (in OC-2 mode, two octaves can be produced)!

KORG Ampworks & Ampworks Bass

Ampworks and Ampworks Bass both feature models of some of the world’s most sought after amps, cabinets, and effects, a knob-based interface that works like conventional analog amps, and a compact (and we do mean COMPACT) package! They provide easy, intuitive signal processing for recording or practice at an extremely affordable price point. Ampworks delivers quality models of 11 popular Amps and 11 Cabinets. It also includes nine independent effects plus Noise Reduction (for a total of 1210 unique sound combinations). Ampworks Bass provides 11 bass amp models and 10 bass cabinet models, plus 11 effects and noise reduction (1331 total sound combinations). In addition, both have 11 Amp/Cab/Effects presets, along with the ability to store two User Programs for instant recall. Ampworks and Ampworks Bass have an easy-to-use interface, featuring three main dials for Amp, Cabinet, and Effects selection. Settings can be further adjusted with six independent amp controls including Gain, Volume, tone shaping, and an FX Depth control for adjusting the wet/dry mix. The units are housed in a sturdy chassis with metallic finish and LED readout. They run on either two AA batteries (included) or an optional AC adapter.

KORG D1600mkII/D1200mkII Hard Disk Workstations

The popular D1600 and D1200 have both been revitalized with a metallic blue finish, new features, and a new model number. These recorders now come with a factory-installed 40GB hard drive and a CD-RW drive for producing a final CD master. In addition, both have a USB port for improved computer connectivity, making it easy to copy, backup, or import/export audio files between systems. All of the many other features that made the original D1600 and D1200 a hit with guitarists, songwriters, and home recording enthusiasts remain intact.

KORG D32XD/D16XD 32/16-Track Xtended Definition Hard Disk Workstations

Korg has taken their hard disk recorder line to the next level this Summer NAMM. The new D32XD and D16XD offer 16 or 24-bit uncompressed recording with sampling rates up to 96kHz, a large tiltable TouchView display, eight channels of analog compression on input, a 64-bit digital mixer, 4-band EQ on every channel, built-in 40GB hard drive and CD-RW drive, and a variety of I/O options. Both recorders offer eight XLR inputs with individual phantom power and eight 1/4″ inputs. The mixer on the D32XD features a 56-channel/14 bus structure, and has 16 motorized 100mm faders for dynamic automation of mixing parameters. The D16XD’s mixer features 16 channels. Both recorders include three 56-bit digital effects processors. The D32XD offers up to 24 insert effects, while the D16XD provides up to 8.

KORG Electribe-MX Music Production Station

The new Korg Electribe-MX Music Production Station combines the wicked sounds, sequencing, effects, and realtime control that Electribe fans demand, combined with Korg’s new Valve Force circuitry which employs two 12AX7 vacuum tubes at the output stage for added warmth and saturation. The Electribe-MX features Korg’s new Multi Modeling Technology synthesis engine with 16 different oscillator algorithms as well as unique additive, PCM, chord, unison, wave shaping, formant models, and more. Its built-in PCM library includes 207 drum sounds and 76 synth sounds. A new multi-mode resonant filter features 4 filter types, and there are three on-board stereo multi-effects processors. With nine PCM-based drum parts and five DSP/PCM synth parts, the Electribe-MX offers more than enough sound power to produce a full-sounding and complete track. Data can be saved via SmartMedia card.

KORG Electribe-SX Music Production Sampler

The Electribe-SX also features Valve Force circuitry – notice the two 12AX7 vacuum tubes viewable through the small window on the front panel. Using advanced sample-based sound creation, the Electribe-SX offers 16 parts for building patterns. Nine parts are “one-shot” samples, or Drum parts, while two keyboard parts allow samples to be played melodically at various pitches using the keypad or a MIDI input. Phrase samples can be sliced and remixed, and loops can be tempo adjusted. Like the Electribe-MX, data storage is via SmartMedia card.

KORG MicroKONTROL 37-Key USB MIDI Controller

One of the smallest new items in the Korg booth was also one of the biggest stories. The microKONTROL offers serious MIDI control for softsynths, plug-ins, and sequencing/DAW applications in an impressive (and affordable) package. The 37-note mini-key velocity sensitive keyboard has eight rotary encoders and sliders, each set of which has a backlit LCD for displaying the parameter name. The microKONTROL also has 16 velocity sensitive pads, which can be used for drum programming, system control, or as a transport control for sequencing. Add a 4-way assignable joystick and wrap it all up in a cool industrial-design metal package the same size as a microKORG, and you’ve got the new microKONTROL.

VOX ToneLab Desktop Amp/Effects Modler

The all-new, portable ToneLab delivers VOX’s critically acclaimed Valvetronix modeling in a compact desktop device designed for recording and live performance! ToneLab employs VOX’s patented Valve Reactor circuit – a proprietary design that uses a 12AX7 dual triode as a power amp tube – to recreate the sound and feel of a variety of vacuum tube guitar amps. ToneLab offers faithful models of 16 amps ranging from vintage classics to modern “boutique” standards, plus a wide variety of effects, noise reduction, a selection of inputs/outputs, and an intuitive user interface. ToneLab takes Valvetronix technology to the next level by incorporating 10 cabinet models that reproduce the acoustic character of a variety of cabinet shapes and speaker types for unmatched modeling realism. ToneLab features heavy-duty metal construction and control knobs; operation is easy and intuitive. Program names, parameter values, and original values are displayed on the LCD screen, which is backlit for enhanced visibility. Valve icons show the number and type of power tubes used in the original amp being modeled.

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