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inSync’s Summer NAMM ’03 Report!

We’re proud to bring to inSync our Summer NAMM ’03 report! This week you’ll get to read about all the latest and greatest gear developments from this summer’s most exciting show! Some of what you’ll see in inSync this week might be available now, next week or six months from now so be sure to call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at 1-800-222-4700 for more information regarding anything that peaks your interest. Enjoy!

Roland CB-30 COSM Modeling Bass Amp

This little marvel uses a 30-watt/10-inch speaker design to deliver powerful bass tones while remaining surprisingly compact. Six COSM bass amp models deliver a range of tones including an octave bass sound, while five onboard DSP effects, convenient 3-band EQ and compression-plus a unique Shape switch-let players dial in the perfect tone. In keeping with the Cube amp tradition, the Cube-30 Bass gives players loud and punchy bass tones despite its compact size. Using a 30-watt amp and 10-inch coaxial speaker system (with powerful low end and an individual tweeter for clearer highs), this compact amp really cranks. Onboard compression and 3-band EQ offers simple tonal shaping. Whether practicing at home or tracking in the studio, the Cube-30 Bass can get the job done!

Roland DisCover 5M Sound Module

The DisCover 5, first shown at Winter NAMM ’03, was the first keyboard to benefit from new Roland technology that allows for realtime manipulation of Standard MIDI Files. The DisCover 5M is the desktop module version! Many musicians all over the world create their own music based on hardware and/or software sequencers, but have no versatile system for the reproduction of these when they make live performances. Enter the DisCover 5M module. Plus, the professional harmony technology allows the various vocal performances, from the Bee-Gees and beyond!

Roland MV-8000 Sampler/Sequencer/Groove Box

From making beats to sampling and CD-burning, the MV-8000 Production Studio does it all-fast and elegantly. Sample your own sounds or load libraries including Roland S-700, Akai MPC/S-1000/3000, ACID and .WAV, then arrange it all using 16 velocity-sensitive pads and Roland’s most powerful audio/MIDI sequencer-complete with realtime timestretch and pitch shifting capabilities. Add a selection of mind-blowing COSM effects, onboard mastering tools, a built-in CD-RW drive and USB port, and you’ve got the ultimate hardware studio for today’s producers. The MV-8000 also offers 128 MIDI tracks (32-channel operation), 8 stereo audio tracks, and a massive 40GB internal hard drive. The question that we heard over and over in the Roland booth is, “yeah but, does it FEEL like the (insert THE well-known groove box/sequencer/sampler here)?” The answer from Roland is that they went to extensive degrees to create the same sequencing feel as the “industry standard.”

Edirol PCR-80 61-Key USB Controller Keyboard

Building on the success of the PCR-30 & PCR-50 USB MIDI keyboard controllers, Edirol showed the PCR-80! Offering programmability and unique real-time control features ideally suited to the serious computer-based desktop musician the PCR-80 is a 61-key, USB-enabled MIDI keyboard controller. The functionality, design and quality are perfect for the musician on the go or in the studio. The PCR-80 is identical to the PCR-30 & PCR-50 in every way except the actual number of keys.

Edirol PCR-A30 USB Controller/Audio Interface

Edirol is known for delivering everyday music tools at uncommonly great prices. The PCR-A30 is no exception as the culmination of two completely different Edirol product lines focused into a single portable audio & MIDI device. What’s new? The PCR-A30 offers all the power & versatility of the PCR-30 but also adds a particularly powerful set of audio interface capabilities! This USB keyboard controller features a wealth of I/O, 32 full-sized keys, 8 faders, 8 knobs and MORE! It’s a delightful keyboard for the tweaker on the go!

Edirol UA-1000 USB 2 Audio Interface

Ideal as the centerpiece of a project studio and equally at home in your mobile studio, the UA-1000 is the world’s first multi-port Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) audio recording interface! One USB cable for connection to the USB 2 port of your computer, and off you go! The UA-1000 delivers exceptional audio capabilities on 10 separate channels via a wide variety of connections, offering high quality microphone preamps using premium analog components. These include XLR/TRS combo jacks, Hi-Z guitar, SP/DIF, 8-channel ADAT, MIDI, and even inserts for effect send/returns.

Edirol UR-80 Control Surface/Audio Interface

Integration of audio capture and highly customizable software control makes the UR-80 the new “must-have” addition to any project studio. The UR-80 is the most productive device on the desktop, combining an audio interface with a fully assignable control surface. The UR-80’s MIDI implementation allows complete control of most major sequencing programs and popular software synthesizers. With phantom power support for use with high-end studio microphones, the UR-80 has full PC and Mac driver support, V-Link, a variety of input and output options, a powerful GM2 software synth and user-memory editing software.

AKG TM 40 Transmitter Module

AKG showed a new handheld wireless transmitter that is sure to knock the socks off of anyone interested in having the best of both worlds! How so? The TM 40 is a wireless transmitter module that connects to one of three new handheld vocal microphones: the D880m, C900m and the D3700m. That’s not so amazing, but what you will find amazing is the design of the module and the three handheld microphones that it fits into. The TM 40 is interchangeable with a hardwired XLR plug-in module – so whether you like to roam free on stage, or want the assurance that comes from being “wired” up, with the switch of a plug-in module you now have the choice! The TM 40 features a battery status indication LED, input gain control, and an on/mute/off switch. The D880m is a dynamic handheld while the C900m is a condenser. The D3700m features an ergonomic triangle shape for handheld comfort and a spring steel wire mesh cap with integrated foam screen.

Epiphone Airscreamer

Epiphone has combined two unique elements of Americana – Airstream travel trailers and the Trailer Park Troubadours – to create a unique new artist signature guitar, the Epi Airscreamer. The body of the guitar is shaped like the popular Airstream “Bambi” trailer – complete with a volume control knob for a hub cap – that has been a familiar sight on America’s roadways since the 1960s, and the model is officially licensed by the Airstream company. The Epi Airscreamer is also an official artist signature model for the Trailer Park Troubadours, the cult band that glorifies the “trailer lifestyle” with such songs as “I Live in Aluminum” and “It Ain’t Home Til You Take the Wheels Off.” The Airscreamer guitar features a pair of EMG humbucking pickups, a push-pull pickup selector switch in the volume knob, maple neck, chrome-plated hardware, an “aluminum” color finish and the Trailer Park Troubadours’ logo on the headstock.

Epiphone Bob Marley Commemorative LP Special

The Bob Marley Commemorative Les Paul Special from Epiphone captures the essence of the pioneer reggae artist and his music. The new limited edition guitar features an image of Marley’s face on the body of the guitar, plus fingerboard inlays in the colors of the Jamaican flag and “One Love” on the headstock. It is built on the same solidbody design as Marley’s personal Gibson Les Paul Special. Features of the new model include a solid mahogany body with Worn Brown finish, a pair of ’57 Classic Alnico-V pickups, one-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, Grover tuners and chrome-plated hardware. It comes with a “Hemp” gigbag and Certificate of Authenticity.

Lynyrd Skynyrd 30th Anniversary Goldtop

The 30th Anniversary Lynyrd Skynyrd Les Paul Goldtop from Epiphone commemorates three decades of the legendary Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. The limited edition guitar is based on the classic Les Paul Goldtop but with a twist: the 30th Anniversary guitar has a Lynyrd Skynyrd Metallic Gold finish on top and the official emblem from band’s 30th anniversary tour on the back. Features of the 30th Anniversary Goldtop include maple top and mahogany back, rosewood fingerboard with Lynyrd Skynyrd pearloid inlay, two ’57 Classic Alnico-V pickups, vintage “green key” tuners and chrome-plated hardware.

Tascam CD-BT1 Portable Practice Tool

Tascam has been busy creating a bass player’s version of the CD-GT1 that they showed at this year’s Winter NAMM show. The CD-BT1 is a great little portable workshop and jamming tool that will take your bass playing to a whole new level! With features such as slow speed audition, looping, pitch shift and even a chromatic tuner, the CD-BT1 packs a lot into a small package and price. But that’s not all, it also delivers 5-band EQ, compression, and a synth bass. If you want to learn a song by taking the bass out of the mix all you have to do is engage the Bass Cut and play to your heart’s content without having to fight the recorded bass part. So, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, the CD-BT1 is the perfect way to learn new songs!

FW-1884 FireWire Audio Interface/Control Surface

Shown with an 8-channel extention module, the FW-1884 was a big hit at the Tascam booth. Co-designed by Tascam and Frontier, the FW-1884 is a professional software DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface that takes advantage of FireWire connectivity to your computer! At 18-channel audio interface with 8 mic preamps, the FW-1884 is quite a busy studio tool. It also offers 4 MIDI inputs and outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF digital connections for plenty of ways to get audio in and out of your workstation! Beyond the ample I/O is the flexible editing and mixing capabilities of the FW-1884. With 100mm touch sensitive motorized faders, dozens of DAW editing shortcuts and a full transport control section, the FW-1884 is ready to take command of project and pro studios everywhere!

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