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Microphone Month 4

Using the insert send on processors for a parallel signal

Here is an interesting tip for anyone who owns the PreSonus VXP channel strip. While this tip is based on the VXP, in principle the same can be true for a number of processors.

As a vocalist, I’m always on the look out for ways to process my vocals in a unique way for live production. The VXP’s “sendjack is sent right after the mic preamp circuit on the VXP, so if you insert at that point you are taking the signal at the preamp stage. This means you can send two signals from the VXP – one that is clean, and another that has been processed by the compressor, expander, de-esser, semi-parametric EQ and peak limiter on the VXP. Now you have two different sounding signals from the same source that can be further processed with outboard gear and then mixed in stereo or summed together for an extremely unique sound. The same could be said for any mono signal sent through the VXP.

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