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IDE Master/Slave support on Beige G3s

Today’s question:

“In regard to your Blue & White G3 article about the lack of master/slave support on the IDE ports, how about the Beige G3 with it’s 2 internal IDE ports – How do they stack up?”

For those who don’t already know what’s up with the IDE busses on first revision Blue & White G3s, check out inSync from 9/21/00 for the details.

Whether you have master/slave support with IDE depends on which revision of Beige G3 you have. You can upgrade the ROM module for the first revision Beige G3 Series with a Revision B ROM module. Replace the Revision A ROM modules to add support for IDE master/slave drive use in first revision Beige G3s; this upgrade also helps if you eventually plan to upgrade your processor. If you have the RAGE II+ video chipset, that is a first revision Beige G3. If you have the RAGEPRO chipset, you do not require a ROM upgrade. Other World Computing sells the Revision B ROM module for Beige G3s, although I’m certain other Mac-certified places carry it also.

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