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“Humanizing” Percussion Tracks in Battery 3

We all know that even the best drummers never keep an absolutely perfect beat. What’s more, each time a stick hits a drum or cymbal, it’s never in exactly the same spot and with exactly the same force. This is because real drummers are not machines. So, to duplicate these variations in timing and tone, the Native Instruments programmers added a “Humanize” module in Battery 3. This may be used to add some amount of randomization to the velocity values, tuning, timing, and loudness of each specific sample. Not surprisingly, this is achieved by adjusting the Velocity, Tune, Time, and Volume knobs, respectively.

When the knobs are turned to the left (from the 12 Noon position), the randomization factor is subtle. When turned all the way to the left, each function is essentially bypassed. By turning them to the right, however, you begin to move into the extreme settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Each drum sample in a Cell may be adjusted individually and you’ll find that certain drum and percussion sounds benefit more than others by raising the randomness factor.

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