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How Many Aux Sends with Two Apollo 16s?

Q: I have one Universal Audio Apollo 16 and I love it. In fact, I want to add a second one so I can have 32 inputs and outputs. Right now I have two aux sends and four cue mixes in the Apollo console software when using my Apollo 16. If I add a second Apollo 16, do I get two more auxes and four more cues?

A: When you add a second Apollo to an existing Apollo, you don’t double the number of aux sends or cue mixes in the console software. Instead, the auxes and cues are cascaded so that those two auxes and four cue mixes can be fed from any inputs on either Apollo.

In other words, the total number of auxes and cues does not change regardless of whether you have one or two Apollos you get two aux sends and four cue mixes. But the existing auxes and cues can be seamlessly accessed from either Apollo.

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