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Helping an EastWest/Quantum Leap Application Find its Library

If you’ve ever had a significant system crash, you probably had to find some of your original application discs and reload the program and library together. But what if the application is right where you expected it, but it can no longer locate the samples it needs to play correctly. If you are using EastWest/Quantum Leap’s PLAY software, here’s the easiest way to help it find its sample library:

Open the application, then click on the button that says Browser. That opens another window, and odds are you won’t see anything in the Favorites menu. If that’s the case, use the System menu above the Favorites to find the disc that has the PLAY library. Let’s say it’s on an external hard drive. Find it, then click on it. The contents of that disc will be displayed in the window to the right of it. Control-click on the product you wish to set, then click on “Set Directory” and navigate to the appropriate instruments folder within the Library Folder. Yup, it’s that easy!

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