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Hands On Review: Glyph Triplicator

These days we rely on our computers for almost everything. The problem is that all of our reliance is dependent upon the integrity of a thin disk coated with rust – certainly a risky proposition! Fortunately, hard drive technology is well developed at this point. But for maximum safety, you still need to have a serious backup solution (and use that solution regularly – but that’s another article). Actually, conventional wisdom has it that data doesn’t exist unless it’s backed up in three places.

Now, thanks to Glyph, you can have instant triple data backup. The Triplicator is a simple box that facilitates easy backups. Just hook up two or three external eSATA hard drives to the Triplicator. Then connect the Triplicator to your computer (Mac or PC) via FireWire 800, USB 2.0, or eSATA. Hit the front-panel button to initialize the Triplicator. A single drive icon will instantly show up on your desktop. Drop your data onto the icon, and it will be copied to all three hard drives simultaneously. Instant triple backup! Now take the drives and store them in different places in case of fire, flood, theft, or other catastrophes. Need more space? Just hook up new drives!

Fast and easy triple-backup data security. Doesn’t your music deserve it?

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