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Hands On: Line 6 AMPLIFi 150

Winter NAMM saw Line 6 unveil a brand-new line of guitar amplifiers designed to take the at-home market by storm (though they’re also gig ready). At first look, the AMPLIFi amplifiers are self-contained stereo guitar amps with four modeled tones onboard. You’re given the standard gain, volume, and tone controls for customizing those sounds. Simple enough, on the surface!

But under the hood, there’s a ton going on! First of all, AMPLIFi can connect to your iOS device, where an app lets you deep-edit tones, access hundreds of onboard sounds, and even share your custom sounds with other users via the Cloud. And, you can use the Amplifi app to find tones that match the tones heard in popular recordings. Need a Van Halen tone to play “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love”? Or maybe you want to channel Angus Young for some AC/DC? No problem, the app can find what you need and download it to your AMPLIFi.

What’s more AMPLIFi can play back music via bluetooth, in full-range stereo glory, so you can use it to play along while you practice or even take it out on the back patio to provide music playback for cookouts this summer. There are two woofers and two tweeters onboard, which play the stereo music and also deliver onboard effects in stereo. The unaffected guitar tone always plays through a dedicated 12″ guitar speaker, so you’re basically running a wet-dry-wet rig all in one box.

I tried the AMPLIFi 150, and it rocks, pure and simple. Plenty of power, but lightweight, with a décor-friendly look. Whether for playing back music, practicing with songs, jamming around the house, or performing at gigs, this amp kills it. Line 6 also makes the AMPLIFi 75, which is more compact, with less power. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an AMPLIFi solution for smaller spaces.

Mitch Gallagher

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