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HANDS ON: iZotope RX Advanced

I’ve been a fan of iZotope’s RX restoration software ever since it first came out. I use it frequently in my studio for cleaning up recordings, optimizing samples, and removing noise from old tracks. It’s fast, easy, and effective, whether running standalone or as a plug-in. Most recently, I used it for preparing a ton of samples I made from my guitar running straight into an audio interface and my MacBook. There was a bunch of noise, buzz, and hum in the recordings, and RX knocked it out without any problem. Those samples ended up clean enough to be used on an album by an electronic music composer.

But now iZotope has made a great thing even better! RX Advanced is an extended version of RX, allowing even deeper control over the signal processing and final delivery. Similar to RX, RX Advanced is Mac OS X (10.4 or higher) and Windows (XP, x64, or Vista) compatible, and can run as a standalone application. You can also use it in plug-in form under VST, MAS, RTAS, AudioSuite, Audio Units, or DirectX.

Basically, RX Advanced lets you get your fingers in there and really tweak the settings to ensure that you are getting the best-possible results. Among the new extended features are the following:

  • MBIT+ dithering – with full control over all dither options, for converting the bit rate among 24, 20, 16, 12, and 8 bits of resolution. You’re even given control over the amount of dither added to the signal, plus dither can be muted when there is silence in the input signal. If, for some reason, dithering is unacceptable, there is also the option to suppress harmonics generated by truncation.
  • 64-bit sample rate conversion – resampling with full control over all options and excellent filtering for removing aliasing.
  • Advanced manual declicking – you can manually select a higher number of iterations for a smoother sounding result when a click is removed.
  • Multi-resolution declipping – this allows multi-resolution processing to interpolate clipped intervals.
  • Multi-resolution spectral repair modes – this allows for better frequency resolution with low-frequency content and better time resolution with high-frequency content.
  • Advanced denoiser parameters – this gives you much better control for optimizing and suppressing steady-state broadband noise, such as hiss and buzz.

If you’re after the best-possible noise reduction; hum, click, and clip removal, and graphical repair solution available, it’s hard to beat RX Advanced. In addition to everything included in the standard version of RX, RX Advanced lets you choose to dig deep and optimize the settings for your exact needs. It’s extremely powerful software that can yield simply amazing results. Highly recommended.

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