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Hand Drum of the Future

The newest addition to Korg’s innovative line of Wavedrum products is the Wavedrum Mini. This portable drum device is loaded with amazing features and sounds. Choose from 100 drum sounds that cover everything from traditional drum kits to exotic hand percussion to synth bass. You can also apply one of 10 different effects to your playing, including reverbs, delays, filters, and pitch shifters. Go ahead and sculpt your own percussion sounds with the Korg Wavedrum Mini. With a 25-second looper with unlimited overdubs, the Wavedrum Mini gives you a great tool for practicing or creating new beats for performance. You can power it with six AA batteries or an AC adapter.

The pad of the Wavedrum Mini is sensitive and expressive. It was designed to handle drumsticks, hands, brushes, mallets, or anything else you want to hit it with. The pad responds to every nuance of your playing, from open shots to slapshots to finger tapping. An additional sensor clip is included, so you can connect this clip to pretty much anything that vibrates. With the sensor clip connected, you can actually play two sounds simultaneously — very cool. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to find out even more about Korg’s innovative new drum tool, the Wavedrum Mini.

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