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Guitar Weight

Q: I want to weigh my guitar — I keep reading about guitar weight and the difference it makes in tone, and I want to see what mine weighs. I’m having trouble getting an accurate weight with my scale though, since I have to balance the guitar on it. Any suggestions for an easier way to weigh?

A: The easiest solution is to use a bathroom scale. Jump on the scale and weigh yourself (you don’t have to tell anyone the number…). Now grab your guitar, and note what you and your guitar weigh together. Subtract your weight from the combined weight of you and the guitar, and you should have a good idea of the weight of the instrument.

Note that some players feel light guitars sound, respond, and resonate better, while others prefer heavy guitars…only your ears, fingers, and taste can tell you which you prefer. We’ve played both light and heavy examples of the exact same models, and gotten great sounds, sustain, and response from each.

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