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Guitar of the Day: Seagull Guitars S6 Original

The Seagull Guitar Company was born in 1982 from Robert Godin’s desire to make excellent-sounding, super-affordable, high-quality acoustic guitars. Being a top-notch luthier, Robert knew that materials and craftsmanship were foremost in making great acoustic guitars, but making them consistent and affordable would take some ingenuity. The S6 Original was the first in a long line of Seagull guitars to achieve those lofty goals through innovative design and commitment to quality.

Wood is a guitar builder’s number-one resource — but not just any wood will do; you need the kind that produces specific results sonically and aesthetically, and is in large supply. Made in Canada utilizing the best North American tonewoods, Seagull’s wood supply issues were instantly solved. Hearing and seeing any of their guitars will also answer any questions concerning quality. The S6 Original has a beautiful, solid cedar top with a warm, detailed tone and appearance. All Seagull tops are pressure tested to ensure maximum vibration while retaining proper rigidity. The 3-ply, laminated, Canadian wild cherry back and sides create a sound with elements of both mahogany and maple and are formed to be rigid and reflective, projecting the sound forward through the soundhole. The S6 Original is dreadnought-shaped, with smaller shoulder dimensions that further enhance projection and decrease unwanted low-end boominess. The resulting sound is balanced: crisp, warm, full, subtle, and dynamic.

As with all Seagull guitars, the S6’s silverleaf maple neck is individually matched to the body for the perfect fit, ensuring the best transfer of vibration. An integrated-set-neck design eliminates the need for shims, increasing stability for a long life of consistent performance. The Ergo Cut neck shape bevels the edges of the rosewood fingerboard slightly inward, making a comfortable, easy action and playability. Even the smaller headstock design has a purpose: it ensures a straight string pull that decreases neck twisting and increases sustain and attack.

The S6 Original Q1 is also offered with Godin’s Quantum 1 electronics, which uses a saddle transducer with volume, treble, and bass controls plus a chromatic tuner all mounted on the upper bout of the guitar. Another option comes in the form of the S6 Cedar Slim Q1, featuring a 1.72″ nut width for a more traditional string-spacing.

With so many custom refinements, the S6 Original is truly an unprecedented value.

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