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Microphone Month

Guest editor Chad Corley

Greetings, all, this is guest editor Chad Corley in for Dave this week. Dave’s back on his home planet harvesting new recruits for the eventual takeover of Ft. Wayne (we occasionally hear him walking around Sweetwater exclaiming, “first Ft. Wayne…then THE WORLD!!!” – and laughing maniacally). So that’s something to anticipate. Anyhoo, I suppose it’s appropriate that I begin my reign of terror with this, the Halloween edition of inSync. So enjoy, or I’ll haunt you in a most unnatural way! And if you like some unnatural haunting from time to time, I can certainly oblige: chad_corley@sweetwater.com

For Halloween, Sweetwater’s got a gloriously frightening new product – the Nautilus Bundle from Audio Ease. It’s a MAS plug-in designed to eerily effect your audio in a number of ghoulish ways, including the sinister Periscope, a 32-band phase-accurate EQ; the deadly Deep Phase Nine, a stereo phaser with up to 24 notches; and Riverrun, a ghastly granular synthesizer. If you use Digital Performer or any other MAS-compatible audio editor you can be sure this pack of wild plugs can unleash the monster in your audio.

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