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Microphone Month

Great Sound for Your iDevice

If you’re like me, your cell phone is smart, your tablet is even smarter, and you have anywhere from one to dozens of musical apps residing on them — all accompanied by an eclectic library of songs.

It’s so cool to live in an age in which the tools to create music, enjoy music, and share music all live in the same battery-powered box that clips to a belt or slides into a sleeve. But I don’t always want to use earbuds. Sure, they sound fantastic, but they can really dampen your social interactions. And the built-in speakers just don’t cut it.

What I really want is a stereo speaker that sounds as clear as earbuds, fits into my coat pocket or bag, and can run for a long time without wires or plugs.

Enter the Jambox by Jawbone. This astounding handheld box creates more sound and bass than physics should allow (85dB!). It uses Bluetooth to connect to most portable devices and laptops, or it can be connected via its 1/8″ stereo jack. The internal battery lasts up to 10 hours, or you can use USB or the included adapter. It’s also your speakerphone, conference caller, voice dialer, and more. Simply put, it makes all your other toys a lot more fun!

Daniel Fisher

About Daniel Fisher

Sweetwater's synth guru Daniel Fisher is one of the most sought-after synthesizer sound designers in the industry. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Music Production and Engineering as well as Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Music Synthesis from Berklee College. He is Sweetwater's Director of Product Optimization, having created dozens of libraries and synth programs for Kurzweil, Alesis, Korg, E-MU, Yamaha, TC Electronic, and many others. He is also currently an Adjunct Professor of Music Synthesis at the University of Saint Francis and teaches Music Synthesis and Sampling at Indiana University/Purdue University.
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