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Getting GigaStudio to launch with the piano sound loaded when the computer is turned on

“I recently purchased a GigaStudio set up from Sweetwater and think that the Piano is incredible. Is there a shortcut that will enable both GigaStudio and the Piano sample to load when I turn on my computer?”

Here is how you can automatically start up GigaStudio and preload the piano upon booting up the computer:

1. Create and Save a “Performance” (see Chapter 5 in the included manual). The Performance contains the piano to be loaded plus, optionally, any mixer and “config” settings. (NOTE: For this example, name the Performance “MyPiano”).
2. Create a Shortcut for GigaSampler icon and drag it into the Startup folder. Highlight the Shortcut (in the Startup folder) and right mouse button select the ‘Properties’ dialog. On the Shortcut Tab under ‘Target’, specify: “C:\Program Files\GSampler\gs.exe” MyPiano

This should do it!

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