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Gig Monster

Take the stage with an intense arsenal of sensational, instantly usable sounds that are easily tweakable in real time. In the Jupiter-50, Roland fused the sonic might of their flagship Jupiter-80 synthesizer with the travel friendliness of the JUNO series. The result? Over 1,500 stunning, fat synthesizer sounds ported directly from the big boy, plus all of its jaw-dropping SuperNATURAL acoustic instruments, Behavior Modeling, and many of its Live Sets — all in a nimble performance synth that weighs under 25 pounds.

“Little sibling” keyboards often mean compromised sound — but not here. The Jupiter-50 sports the exact same sound engine and high-resolution D/A converter as its bigger brother. You still get a superb 76-note semi-weighted keybed, giving you optimal key range and feel for everything from acoustic piano to synth to percussion. And all these incredible sounds can be effortlessly called up and tweaked on the fly using the Jupiter-50’s intuitive user interface, with its color-coded buttons and sliders.

The Jupiter-50 makes it simple to dive into your sounds. There’s no need to drill down into menus to get at core tone components — just hit the Manual button and you’re in. Mix layers and add studio-grade multi-effects and reverb. Juice your performances with Roland’s ergonomic pitch/mod lever. Morph sounds with the super-cool D Beam controller. Want to save an insanely great patch or call up a new one? The Jupiter-50’s Registration function makes it easy. The built-in audio recorder/player lets you create and play backing tracks instantly, saving them to USB memory. The Jupiter-50 even has an editor app for your iPad!

The same qualities that make the Jupiter-50 an ideal gigging partner also make it a monster in the studio. The Jupiter-50 delivers expressive classical and ethnic instruments that are invaluable for scoring to picture, including a scrumptious selection of classic EPs, organs, and clavs, as well as spellbinding virtual-analog renditions of any Roland synth ever made. Roland’s Jupiter-50 is a portable, affordable performance synth that can do it all.

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