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Gibson Labs Echoplex Review

The Echoplex Digital Pro is unlike any effect you’ve ever heard. The cutting-edge technologies of digital recording, sampling, and digital delay are all available to the guitarist, vocalist, percussionist, keyboardist or instrumentalist in an easy to use, performance-oriented package.

I have the Echoplex racked up in my home studio, and always find myself turning to it when i’m in need of a creative and professional loop-based effect. The great thing about the Echoplex is that you can input any type of instrument and instantly begin creating loops. The Echoplex brings out the creativity in me. It inspired me to experiment with the idea of creating a song based entirely on the premise of looping a single violin. The result was phenomenal! The violin interacted in a beautiful combination of sounds that I could not of accomplished without the Echoplex.

The Echoplex is designed for the experienced and the inexperienced user. For the novice, simply open the box, press the record button and begin playing. Experienced users can dive deep into the many parameters while losing themselves in the endless adventure of creating a symphonic piece of brilliant loops.

The heart of the Echoplex Digital Pro is a 16-bit/41.5kHz digital RAM recorder. The Echoplex Digital Pro ships with 198 seconds of memory. Through the use of standard SIMM chips, memory can be easily expanded up to almost 2,000 seconds.

The Echoplex Digital Pro is also completely MIDI compatible. All performance controls both send and receive MIDI data.

The Echoplex is a go-to digital delay and looping processor, and is in a class of its own!

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