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Get Collaborative with This Compact Looper

The JamMan Express XT is DigiTech’s simplest and most affordable looper pedal by far, yet it certainly doesn’t scrimp on fun and useful features. For starters, the JamMan Express XT looper gives you a full 10 minutes of internal CD-quality recording, complete with unlimited overdubbing and undo/redo toggling. It also features a Silent Clear function that lets you stop the loop naturally and clear it quietly. Even better, there’s only a single footswitch onboard and no SD cards to keep track of. Talk about simple!

But that’s just the beginning. The JamSync function takes the concept of live looping and makes it collaborative, by allowing you to sync multiple JamMan Express XT pedals via standard 1/8″ cables. Not only does this let you create elaborate solo performance rigs, it also means your keyboardist, bass player, and other members in your band can all use loopers and never worry about going out of sync. What’s more, JamSync can quantize smaller loops, allowing you to lay down shorter percussion loops or longer lead lines as you see fit.

Other important features of the JamMan Express XT showcase DigiTech’s decades of designing stompboxes for serious guitarists. For instance, the compact, all-metal design is extremely robust and will fit on any pedalboard, yet you can run the JamMan Express XT on either 9V DC or battery power. On top of that, true-bypass switching protects your tone and a set of three status LEDs ensure that you won’t lose track of what mode you’re in.

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