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Gator Cases GPA-88

Gator Cases GPA-88

On the list of things that make you go “duh!” is Gator’s new GPA-88 speaker stand bag. It’s the perfect carrying case for 2 speaker stands and features two separate compartments to keep your stands from knocking together. Made to last, the GPA-88 is ultra affordable!GearFest 2003

This weekend, Saturday September 13th is a day that will live in infamy. Okay, that may be a little strong, but it is going to be the largest Gear Expo in the Midwest – perhaps the whole country – and it’s right here at Sweetwater! Not only will we have tons of today’s most popular gear on sale and ready for you to take back home, but we’ll have hundreds of guitars on display, FREE expert seminars, thousands of dollars worth of giveaways, a gear flea market open to the public, and more! Industry celebrities Craig Anderton and Mitch Gallagher will be on hand as will plenty of Manufacturer experts. You still have time to book a flight, catch a train or jump in the family truckster and head to Sweetwater for GearFest 2003!

Have Studio – Will Travel!

You could spend thousands upon thousands of your hard earned dollars on studio time with one eye on the clock, working with a producer and an engineer who don’t know your music and don’t care about your career. Or, you can record, mix AND master an entire CD wherever you want, with someone that you trust behind the board and supporting your cause – YOURSELF! If you’re interested in recording at home, on the road or in your rehearsal hall, check out our “Insider’s guide to portable studios.” You’ll find more personal digital studio workstations than you can shake a stick at and have fun while you’re doing it. Check it out today.

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