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June 2017 Giveaway

Foretelling The Future

We can see it in our crystal ball: It’s black with wood end caps. It has white graphics, a red display, and red and amber LEDs. There are slim black knobs with silver caps on them. The wheels are black, and are on the control panel, not next to the 5-octave keyboard. It has two banks of 128 programs. Eight voices of polyphony. Two programs can be layered, which reduces the polyphony to four voices. It has an entirely analog signal path.

Wait…the fog is clearing…it’s…it’s…

…the return of the Prophet! It’s the Prophet ’08 from Dave Smith Instruments!

And what’s this we see emerging? It’s a vision of a Special Limited Edition Prophet ’08 with red lighted wheels, Dave Smith’s signature, exotic Leopard-wood end panels, and more!

Stay tuned, we’ll post more details as the crystal ball reveals them to us…

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