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Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Review

There are so many “all-in-one” channel strips and interfaces on the market today that things are starting to get clouded. The VoiceMaster Pro really stands out above the crowd. It’s been an integral part of my recording setup. The preamp is clean and very usable. Then there are six processors after the preamp that can be inserted into the chain individually. These are compressor, EQ, expander, de-esser, tube emulation, and vintage harmonics. All of these sound great and I find myself using all of them on most of the recordings that I do.

The compressor, expander, and de-esser all do their jobs well but I’m going to focus on the components that really stand out in this unit. First, the tube emulation really adds some warmth to the recordings and helps offset the “digital” sound that I get recording directly into my computer. The vintage harmonics section really helps make the mids and highs of the material come alive. The EQ really shines on this unit because it’s been custom tailored for vocals. Instead of controls for high, mid, and low, you have breath, absence, and warmth. This really helps someone who may inexperienced with using EQ.

I’ve found the VoiceMaster Pro to be an indispensable tool for recording male and female vocals, but also have found it surprisingly well suited for recording acoustic guitars and great when miking up electric amps. Another great use for the VoiceMaster Pro is to route your drums tracks back through it and just use some of the processors to clean up your sound or add some character. No matter where you are in your recording career and no matter what you’re recording, the VoiceMaster Pro should definitely be on the top of your wish list.

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