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Five More Cool NAMM Intros

Without a doubt, this year’s Winter NAMM show was one of the best in recent memory as far exciting new gear introductions. Here are five items that caught our eye:

Mojave Audio MA-101 fet — A small-diaphragm solid-state condenser with interchangeable cardioid and omni capsules. The new mic tilizes the same electronics as last year’s smash-hit MA-201 fet, as well as a Jensen transformer. Great for guitar, piano, and wind instruments, as well percussion and drum overheads.

AKAI Professional APC20 — Like the AKAI APC40, but want a more compact controller for portable use or to conserve space in the studio? Then the APC20 is for you! This new dedicated controller for Ableton Live includes the fader and pad sections from the APC40 for a ton of control in half the space.

TC Electronic PolyTune — Why waste precious minutes tuning your guitar one string at a time? Now you can tune all six strings at once! Just strum the open strings and this amazing tuner locks onto all six pitches and displays them simultaneously. Just reach up and tweak the strings that need to be tuned! It doesn’t sound like a big deal until you try it — then you’ll be convinced.

Roland V-Combo VR-700 — One keyboard to rule them all… If your goal is to streamline your onstage keyboard rig, the new V-Combo is for you. This 76-key instrument is designed to provide all the sounds you need to cover every base (or bass) onstage. Drawbar organs, pianos, electric pianos, strings, brass, audio file playback, built-in rhythm patterns, and tons more! This one does it all.

Samson AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System — The tiniest wireless head-worn mic ever! No cable, no beltpack, just an ear piece and a miniscule mic, which connects wirelessly to an equally tiny receiver. Complete freedom of movement, total comfort, and great sound quality are all hallmarks of this amazing technological breakthrough.

Check out our full NAMM report for more information or give your Sales Engineer a call!

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