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How fire retardant is Auralex foam?

Q: “How fire retardant is Auralex foam?”

A: According to Auralex, all Auralex acoustical foam products are fire retardant. Auralex acoustical foam is specifically designed to be fire retardant to better meet building and fire codes. This has always been the case with Auralex acoustical foam products since they are designed specifically for use as acoustical treatments. (Note: Auralex fire retardants are chemically added to the foam. They are not sprayed on.) It might smolder and smoke, but it will not burst into flames. If the flame source is removed or goes out, the foam will “self-extinguish.” Again, this is due to the inherent fire retardant properties of Auralex acoustical foam products. If you’re concerned about Fire Codes, we recommend that you check with your local Fire Marshall or Building Inspector first before installing acoustic treatment.

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