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Finicky File Names

When you’re creating, editing, and mixing a project in your DAW software you’re likely to end up with a number of scratch tracks, alternate takes, submixes, and the like. It’s important to establish track-naming conventions so you can quickly locate and access these audio files when you need them. A series of files with the names “Lead vocal scratch,” “Lead vocal bridge,” and “Lead vocal Autotune” is much more manageable than “scratch vocal,” “Joey b,” and tuned vocal.”

However, remember that many software programs are finicky about so-called special characters in file names, and refuse to process tracks that contain them. These characters include the colon (:), the slash (/), and the backslash (), which all have specific functions in operating systems. They can cause a bounce to disk or other file processing to crash. If you call your latest mix “6:04 p.m.” you might have trouble; rename it “604 p.m.” and it should bounce and save just fine.

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