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The F8 Spaces Trick

We admit it, as much as we try to stay up on all things computer- and music technology-related, we completely missed how cool Apple’s Spaces virtual desktop feature is. But, now that we’ve sat down and put it to use, it’s become part of our regular workflow. The ability to put windows and programs into different spaces and instantly switch among them has made certain things incredibly easy. For example, we were doing a large Pro Tools session recently where we needed to see the main mixer window, the edit window, and an array of send controls, which were being used to create a headphone mixer, with completely independent stereo mixes for four performers. Even though we have two 20″ monitors, there just wasn’t room to see it all or conveniently access everything.

The solution? Spread the windows across different spaces; the spaces can then be recalled instantly using key commands.

But a problem reared its head: normally to move a window into another space, you simply drag it to the side (or top or bottom) of the monitor. The next space pops up, and you can drop the window there. Easy! Unfortunately, Pro Tools doesn’t allow windows to be dragged this way from space to space. (Interestingly, we had the same problem with Apple Logic….)

Fortunately, we found a solution: Pressing F8 calls up an overview of all the spaces and their contents. When you’re in this “overview” view, you can reach into a space with your mouse and drag windows between the spaces – and this works for both Pro Tools and Logic. Now you can arrange your windows however you like, in whatever spaces you like.

Problem solved!

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