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Expand Your PC3K Library!

Since we’ve interrupted our Messe coverage, here’s another important announcement for you: the Sweetwater PC3K Library! For decades, Sweetwater has been the foremost developer of sounds for Kurzweil keyboards — in fact, our company was largely founded on the success of our original groundbreaking sound libraries for the amazing K250. Now we’ve cherry picked the best sounds from our award-winning CD-ROMs, including Stratus Classical Instruments, American Standard, Exotic Instruments, RSI Library, Finger Juice, GrandPiano Collection, Ultimate Guitars, Pocket B3, and Total Stereo Drums and formatted them onto a USB “thumb” drive for use with your PC3K.

The instruments in this collection were chosen to offer contrast and “blendability” with Kurzweil’s internal ROM sounds. And, because they were designed to sound great while using only one or two megs of memory,you can simultaneously load many of your favorite instruments into the PC3K’s flash ROM and leave them there, knowing you’ll still have room for other instruments you need to have loaded.

The Sweetwater PC3K Library sounds have been collected onto a 2GB thumb drive formatted so you can plug it directly into yourPC3K and start loading. Since there’s plenty of room left over, we’ve also included the latest operating system and Objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (Synthscapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM Compatibility file, along with the latest manuals, addendum, and the PC3 Editor Librarian for both Mac and PC!

It’s an amazing, powerful package that immensely expands the power of your PC3K! If you own a PC3K (61-key, 76-key, or 88-key versions), don’t delay, order yours now!

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