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Elysia Xpressor Bypass?

Q: The Elysia Xpressor looks really cool, but I need a compressor with a bypass switch so I can compare the processed and unprocessed signals. Is there any way to do this with the Xpressor?

A: Definitely — Elysia did not overlook this vital feature. The bypass switch on the Xpressor is labeled “Hit It!” and is the first switch on the left in the bank of four switches in the center of the unit’s front panel. (The “Hit It!” switch is the very bottom switch on the 500-series format Xpressor 500 unit.)

There is a second way to access the dry signal on the Xpressor: The far right control knob is a Mix control for blending the dry signal with the processed signal in parallel. (In other words, this control allows for parallel compression.) Turn this knob all the way to the left, “dry” setting and you will hear the unprocessed signal.

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