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Dynamic Automation on the VS-2480CD or VS-2400CD

Ever feel like you need ten extra hands when mixing your song? No need to feel overwhelmed – Roland V-Studios are famous for their easy to use Dynamic Automation. It’s like having a room full of assistants to help you. By remembering every fader move you make while mixing a song, the V-Studio frees you up to focus on your music. Do the mix once, let the machine learn your fader moves, then during playback you can focus on other stuff. Here’s how to do it.

1. Use the mouse to Select AUTOMIX SETUP under the UTILITY menu.

2. Check off the parameters that you want to Automate (e.g., Levels, PAN/BALANCE EQ, Aux Sends, etc.) By default, when a new Project is created, LEVEL and PAN/BALANCE are checked.

3. Press the AUTOMIX button so that it lights.

4. Press and hold the AUTOMIX button and press the Channel Edit button for each fader you want to Automate. The Channel Edit button will blink, indicating AUTOMIX RECORD has been enabled on for that fader.

5. Locate to the part of the song you want to Automate.

6. Click on the AUTOMIX RECORD button or press AUTOMIX + RECORD. You will see “AUTOMIX REC” blinking red at the bottom of the VGA.

7. Press PLAY, then move the Faders, Pan and EQ the Tracks, or use the AUX SENDS. When you are finished press STOP.

8. Rewind to the point where you started writing your AUTOMATION moves.

9. Press PLAY. Your AUTOMATION moves should be faithfully reproduced.

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