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Dongle-free PT

Did you know you can use Pro Tools LE without an iLok? The Pro Tools LE application itself requires that LE-compatible hardware be present, but it is actually authorized with a serial number when you install it. So, no iLok is required for PT LE itself. However, many of the LE plug-ins do require an iLok authorization to function. Some, however, do not, so you can track, edit, compose, and do some mixing without having an iLok dongle attached to your Pro Tools LE system – nice for a stripped-down portable rig or if you ran out of the studio to do a location recording and forgot your iLok. Of course, you’ll definitely need an authorized iLok in order to do any final/serious work and to use many third-party plug-ins.

(NOTE: The Pro Tools HD software must be authorized using an iLok, so this tip will only work with LE.)

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