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‘Disk Full’ error message on Yamaha’s AW4416 or AW2816.

Q: “My AW4416 is showing a “Disk Full” error message, but I’m sure that there’s still room on the internal hard drive. Any ideas what might be causing this?”

A: A ‘Disk Full’ error message on the AW4416 or AW2816 indicates that the hard drive is either full or it is fragmented to the point where further storage of data is no longer possible. If it is determined that the hard drive is not actually full then this error message indicates that the Defrag Procedure should be performed to optimize disk space.

To determine if disk space should be optimized follow the procedure below.

  1. Press the [SONG] button then the [F1] button. This will access the Song list.
  2. Add together all the file sizes indicated for each Song in the list.
  3. Subtract the total arrived at in step 2 from the size of the hard drive.

If you find that there is space still available, simply de-frag the hard drive and you’ll find that your AW4416 (or AW2816) will now work fine.

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