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DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro Review

Adding the Vocalist Live Pro to your rig is like adding four backup singers to your bond (except the Vocalist fits into a single rack unit). With the Vocalist, you get up to four voices of harmony AND a ton of onboard pre/post effects, to help create the perfect sounds.

All of the settings are easily accessed by the simple controls on the front of the unit, but it also supports both MIDI and USB (with a free preset librarian) to add further control. With MIDI you can send program changes to alter effects and patches on the fly. You can also backup all of your presets to your computer via the USB connection.

The Vocalist incorporates DigiTech’s MusIQ chord tracking program, which automatically selects harmonies based on the chords that are coming into the system (from a guitar, keyboard, etc). When I tested out the MusIQ, I sang an E into my mic and played an E-Major chord on my guitar, and it quickly voiced the harmonies for that chord. I continued holding the E and switched my guitar chord to A-minor and it immediately revoiced the harmonies to fit the A-minor chord. I played through a bunch of other chords around E and the MusIQ was spot on in every situation.

There’s no easier way to add harmonies to your vocals (especially such perfectly tuned harmonies). If you’re a singer, the Vocalist Live Pro needs to be in your rack.

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