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Getting Digital Performer and Reason to work together.

“How do I link (sync) MOTU’s Digital Performer and Propellerheads’ Reason together so that they will play at the same time?”

You will need to use Rewire, the first cross-application technology to transfer both MIDI and audio seamlessly between software applications. ReWire was designed essentially to be the software equivalent of a multi-channel cable between two audio applications. This will allow both Reason and Digital Performer to link, or sync to each other (and share valuable information such as MIDI and audio data). Here’s the “How-To:”

1. Always launch Digital Performer first.
2. In Digital Performer’s FILE menu, choose Preferences. Make sure that the box next to “Play in background” is checked ON.
3. Open a project in Digital Performer.
4. Launch Reason. Verify that Reason is in “Rewire Slave Mode.” This indicator will appear at the top of the Reason window, in the AUDIO OUT section.
5. Leaving Reason open, click on Digital Performer.
6. Create an AUX track in Digital Performer, set its input to Reason Mix L/P, and its output to your main outputs. (See page 160 of the DP3 user guide for more on Aux tracks).
Pressing PLAY on either Digital Performer or Reason should make both play. Reason’s audio will be routed through Digital Performer.

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