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Digital Performer Comes to PC

MOTU’s long-time flagship DAW, Digital Performer, is now more powerful and flexible than ever! And the big news is that the new Digital Performer 8 now operates in 32- and 64-bit modes, and works with Mac OS X and Windows 7! So, welcome PC users to the Digital Performer family! This time-tested, much-loved DAW offers tons of new features. DP 8’s new Punch Guard feature actually records an additional four seconds of audio before and after your recorded pass, so you can easily edge-edit audio you may have accidentally cut off during your recording — no more struggling to make punches fit just right. Fifteen exciting new plug-ins have been added, including a pair of new guitar amp models as well as classic guitar pedals, modeled analog delay, a multiband dynamic EQ, a Subkick kick drum enhancer, and more.

Digital Performer 8 gives you access to models of five well-known guitar amps — the best of American and British tonal flavors. You can also create your own amp! Plus, you can craft tones by using models of classic guitar pedals from BOSS, Ibanez, electro-harmonix, and more. Really tweak your tone with new physical-modeling guitar and bass speaker cabinets. DP 8 still includes all the amazing recording, editing, notation, and music-for-film features that made the last version such a powerhouse. Find out what the buzz is all about — call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!

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